What is Steel Construction?

What is Steel Construction?

    • The simplest answer to the question of what is steel construction would be to state that steel construction is a construction technique. This structure is made using galvanized stainless sheets. Steel structures, which are frequently preferred especially in the industrial sector, are suitable for long-term use. Steel construction appears as a kind of prefabrication method just like prefabricated houses. The skeleton of the building to be built is prepared in advance according to the existing needs. It is then erected to form the building. This speeds up the construction process. Steel construction, which is a building system that combines the carrier system with metal columns and carriers, can support hard and heavy loads. Therefore, it is a building system found in aviation, healthcare and many more. The steel construction structure is highly reliable due to the high level of durability of the steel. This type of building, which requires much less raw material compared to other building types, has many advantages.

    How Durable Are Steel Structures?

    • Thanks to the latest technological developments, the number of different structures and types built in the construction sector is increasing day by day. Steel construction is one of the most popular building materials today and is known for its durability. Steel is a material used since ancient times and is one of the most durable materials used in construction. However, in the 18th century, steel, which was mostly used in the manufacture of weapons, began to be used more and more in the construction industry. In fact, steel structures were the first to appear on bridges. In the 20th century, steel structures became popular and quickly replaced reinforced concrete structures. The use of steel structures has continued to increase over the years due to their effectiveness. The fact that steel is a flexible, light and robust material makes the steel construction strong. Steel structures are about one-tenth lighter than reinforced concrete structures. This reduces the stress on the steel structure during earthquakes and increases the earthquake resistance compared to reinforced concrete structures. Another reason for the durability of steel structures is the use of galvanized steel in their manufacture. Corrosion resistant galvanized has properties that can protect structures from many adverse outdoor conditions. In addition, galvanized steel structures are known for their high corrosion resistance. Steel structures are durable, but poor engineering and imperfect control can cause many problems in the market.

    What are the Advantages of Steel Construction?

  • 1. Durable and Sturdy
    • Steel structures are very durable and robust. They are often preferred because they can make the building especially earthquake-proof. For this reason, preferring steel or prefabricated structures in earthquake zones can be life-saving. In addition, these structures seem durable as they are made of pure metal. It is difficult to encounter situations such as wear and cracks in steel structures. Concrete structures can crack over time. In addition, the steel structure is self-insulating and maintenance-free.
  • 2. It is economical
    • Steel construction price varies according to the desired project. For example, a single-storey or two-storey steel structure can affect the price. However, steel, which is a much cheaper and durable material compared to reinforced concrete structures, provides many economic benefits in the long run.
  • 3. Lightweight
    • Steel construction is very lightweight because steel can be used to minimize beam sections. Since these structures are light, they are not only earthquake resistant, but also suitable for manufacturing and assembly.
  • 4. Architecture Offers Freedom
    • The Look of a Luxury Steel Structured House Steel is an easy material to work with and any design can be realized. At the same time, it provides architectural freedom, making it easier to achieve the desired aesthetic design.
  • 5. High strength and flexibility of steels
    • It makes steel constructions much safer than reinforced concrete structures and is in an attractive position with this feature. In addition to being an earthquake resistant structure, the risk of lightning strikes is minimal. The main reason for this is that these structures are grounded.
  • 6. Saves Time
    • Steel construction structures are made ready in advance as they are prefabricated. Thus, the loss of time in the construction area is prevented and the structure is ready in a short time. In pre-prepared steel constructions, time is saved as the construction process is shortened. In addition, money is saved. As the construction time will shorten and construction-specific costs will also decrease, this provides great advantages to the people who carry out the construction and the owners.
  • 7. Recyclable
    • Steel is a non-polluting material since it can be used repeatedly. Even if you remove the steel frame, it will not be wasted. In addition, it is environmentally friendly as there is no harmful waste at the construction site and the construction is fast and clean.
  • 8. Easy to Move Structures
    • Vehicles and Steel Structures Using Steel in Steel Structural Steels Prefabricated structures are based on factory manufacturing and on-site assembly. Likewise, steel structures are prepared and assembled on site in advance. In fact, the structures used can be easily dismantled and moved to another place.


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